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Our Journal

  • 25March

    Arab Lab Expo 2015

    Grahame Sandling 0 Comment

    CSI Directors at the Arab Lab Show in Dubai in 2015.

  • 21October

    INTERPOL 2016

    Grahame Sandling 0 Comment
  • 04September

    Water.... You Staring At!

    Mike Sandling 0 Comment

    Most weekends during the 1970’s and 1980’s there was a protest which the police called

  • 04September

    The Rayleigh Bath Chair Murder of 1943

    Bob Milne 0 Comment

    On the afternoon of Friday, the 23rd July 1943, the peace of Rayleigh, a quiet country town in Essex, was shattered by a loud explosion. Archibald Brown, the owner of Rayleigh Windmill was killed when the bath chair he was being transported in, exploded in the Hockley Road........