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    The mission of Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd is to provide the best equipment possible to our customers in order to make their ...

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    The rewards offered to those who choose to live outside the law can be great indeed. It has been said that crime is the fastest growth in...

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About Us

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd is a family run business based in the beautiful County of Buckinghamshire, South East England. We are the oldest established company in the United Kingdom specialising in the manufacture and supply of quality materials for the Fingerprint, Scene of Crime and Forensic Investigator.   Staffed by ex-members of the Police and Security Services (British Military) we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of criminal and forensic investigation and therefore fully understand the problems and difficulties encountered by our customers.   It’s for this reason, that for many years, we have continued to invest in new products and services that allow our customers around the world, to detect, apprehend and prose...[+]

Our Products

  • SPR Spray

    Small particle reagent is a suspension of fine molybdenum disulphide particles in detergent solution.   It adheres to the fatty constituents of latent fingerprints to form a grey deposit and is a quick and simple process.   This spray application is considerably less effective than the regular dish development technique, but it does have its place when that alternative is not always feasible.   For example this application is ideally suited for use on da
  • These bags are exactly the same as the Medium Tamper Bags (95676) listed in our evidence collection section except there was a problem with the CJA write on panel with this batch.   Occasionally the write on panel wont accept ink from a biro, a fine tip permanent marker needs to be used. Its only the occasional bag but as a result we do not recommend that they are used for operational use.   These are ideal for training purposes though where there is not
  • The need for good quality protective clothing not only for a safe working environment but also to avoid any risks associated with cross contamination is fully recognised by CSI. Our overshoes are manufactured from a medium weight fabric which is a combination of a Polypropylene non woven fibre base with a Polyethylene micro porous film coating. this in turn gives the wearer a superb barrier to hazardous liquid and fine dusts. Priced per pair
  • The fingerprint template eliminates the loss of fingerprint evidence by ensuring information is positioned correctly onto the acetate (cobex) master. This gives consistent accuracy of photographic registration. Constructed of rigid plastic for durability.   Overall dimensions are 170mm x 125mm.
  • Provil mixing tips supplied in bags containing approximately 10 tips.   These tips ensure the correct mixing ratio of silicone and hardener and directs the putty to the area under examination.   For use with product code 95225
  • This kit contains all you need to deal efficiently and effectively with body fluid spills.     Five individually packed single use kits complete with disposable gloves, apron, FFP2 odour valved mask, absorbent pad, wipes, scoop and scraper, instruction leaflet and disposable bag and tie, in a durable waterproof bag.    Kit also includes 1 x 500gsm Emerzorb gelling powder which absorbs many times its own weight, minimises odours, and makes cleaning up easier
  • Xantopren

    Often there is only one opportunity to record a piece of physical evidence i.e. footprint/tyreprints/toolmarks and it is vitally important that you are able to match the impression with the actual object making the impression.   CSI have a selection of materials for the recording of physical evidence at crime scenes which is based upon the experience of serving crime scene investigators.    This product is a light bodied, low consistency, silicone based impressi
  • Amido Black

    Amido black is a dye which stains protein present in blood and other body fluids to give a blue-black result. It will not detect the normal constituents of latent fingerprints and therefore must be used in sequence with other techniques when blood-contaminated latent fingerprints are examined. It is also absorbed by some porous surfaces and may produce a high background colour.   Effective on porous and non porous surfaces paper, heavy cardboard, rubber gloves, plain wood, polyth
  • Correctly packaged evidence is essential if reliable scientific results are to be obtained. To assist this process CSI has developed a number of products in order that the crime scene examiner can safely submit items to the laboratory without fear of damage or contamination. Do not be confused with other inferior imitations, as our range of products are manufactured from quality materials and are backed up with quality assurance registration to ISO Standards.   Unlike plastic, pa
  • Designed primarily for footwear and tyre track impression comparisons, this scale takes accurate measurements when placed evenly in the same plane in two-dimensional or three-dimensional impressions. Excellent for verifying perspective distortion. Each set contains two scales. An L shaped scale measuring 30cm x 15cm and a straight 15cm scale. Both are printed one side black on white and the other, white on black. Non-glare finish eliminates reflections when photographing.
  • The BlueStar Forensic Kit provides the Forensic Investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood, or its possible absence at a crime scene.   The kit comprises of a hermetically sealed bottle with 500ml and 3 catalyst tablets.   Simply add the three white tablets to the bottle to obtain a single-use mixture.
  • Bio-Foam

    A unique system for the taking of a three dimensional cast of shoeprints. Each BIO-FOAM impression kit comes in a cardboard container which is suitable for storage and will protect the impression.   Directions for use are simple. Press the footwear into the BIO-FOAM and remove the shoe. Spray the impressions with a separating agent i.e. hair spray. You now have an impression that can be cast in the normal way.
  • The CSI Endoscope Search kit has been designed to aid the search of cars, buildings and vessels. Housed in a sturdy foam lined case the kit contains the following: 1 x Rigid endoscope 12mm diameter 300mm long 12V 1 x Power pack for endoscope 1 x Battery charger for power pack 1 x Belt and pouch for power pack 1 x Telescopic inspection arm 1 x Rigid torch/flashlight arm 1 x 65x115mm mirror 2 x 140mm diameter wide angle mirror 1 x 65mm diameter mirror 1 x Spare bulb 12V 10W for endoscope
  • A combination of soft squirrel and pony hair.   A popular brush combining the fan square shape bristles with the more conventional 6 inch, 150mm handle like those on our 95103 and 95111 range of brushes.
  • Virkon is the ultimate high level surface disinfectant. It is an effective infection control for all laboratory surfaces, equipment and instruments. It has an independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi.   Simply drop a couple of tablets in water which will provide a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria (including my cobacteria), viruses, spores and fungi in a variety of independent tests using
  • Provil Putty

    2 x 450ml Tubs of Provil novo silicone high quality impression material used for making replicas for surface testing.   Boxed and includes 2 colour coded dispensing spoons.   Supplied as base (colour-green) and catalyst compositions (colour-grey) and can be mixed or kneaded manually in a 1:1 ratio.   All Provil novo articles excel in their highly accurate reproduction of surface detail for reproducing toolmarks. Perfect dimensional stability and resistan
  • Replacement bulbs for the CSI Forensic Comparator (product Code 96820).     Each screen uses two bulbs so if one bulb blows we would recommend that you change both of them, although this is not essential.   Bulbs sold singularly.
  • Fingerprint classification involves hours of peering through optics and a fingerprint examiner quickly learns the worth of good quality optical systems and the cost of a poor one. CSI have therefore selected this product as it gives little or no distortion but optimum magnification and performance.   This is a professional crafted magnifier providing optimum performance for distortion free images. The base, shaft and lens housing are made from quality metal with an adjustable thu
  • The Retractable Ridge Counter is constructed from long life anodised aluminium which retracts its tip similar to the operation of a ballpoint pen when not in use. This product has an exceptionally fine tip for counting the ridges. However care must be taken when carried, as its sharp end could cause damage to the operator if not retracted properly before placing in the pocket.
  • This kit is specifically designed to cover a number of situations the CSI may find him or herself in. To avoid the powders contaminating the rest of the case this kit is supplied in 2 parts ( Part 1) a small case containing powders and brushes (Part 2) a larger case containing other essential items. The full contents of both cases are as follows:   Aluminium, Black, White, Gold, Jet Black, Bi-Chromatic Magnetic, Magneta Flake Light, and Magneta Flake Dark powders. Fingerprint Bru