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    The rewards offered to those who choose to live outside the law can be great indeed. It has been said that crime is the fastest growth in...

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About Us

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd is a family run business based in the beautiful County of Buckinghamshire, South East England. We are the oldest established company in the United Kingdom specialising in the manufacture and supply of quality materials for the Fingerprint, Scene of Crime and Forensic Investigator.   Staffed by ex-members of the Police and Security Services (British Military) we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of criminal and forensic investigation and therefore fully understand the problems and difficulties encountered by our customers.   It’s for this reason, that for many years, we have continued to invest in new products and services that allow our customers around the world, to detect, apprehend and prose...[+]

Our Products

  • Virkon is the ultimate high level surface disinfectant. It is an effective infection control for all laboratory surfaces, equipment and instruments. It has an independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi.   Simply drop a couple of tablets in water which will provide a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria (including my cobacteria), viruses, spores and fungi in a variety of independent tests using
  • Top quality lifting film made exclusively for CSI.    Our film will of course work with any ESL machine, but it has been specifically designed for use with the Pathfinder.   Each roll is 25cm x 20M long (10" x 65')   This is the cheapest price you will find anywhere!
  • BlueStar is a new reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains that have been washed out, wiped off or which are invisible to the naked eye.   Based upon chemiluminescence, its unique formula qualifies it as the most effective blood revealer available on the market, for crime scene as well as forensic lab use.   These tablets do not alter the DNA of the revealed blood which allows for its subsequent genotyping. It is also compatible with ABO typing.
  • Simulated Blood

    This Simulated Blood in bulk volumes can be used to stage your own crime scenes. It is designed to mimic the same color and consistency of real human blood, making it ideal for blood spatter training and demonstrations.   It is safe, non-biological, non-toxic and non-irritating.   Supplied in bottles of 250ml.
  • The job of searching for small pieces of evidence or fragments of human remains is not easy and never pleasant.    So mark them boldly with these coloured flags. They are ideal for marking boundaries, edges of search areas or pinpointing the location of evidence etc. especially where barrier tape cannot be readily secured.   Each Flag measures 127mm x 102mm (5" x 4") approx.   Can be used in conjunction with coloured Boundary Tape (see Bou
  • Designed for use when processing large areas. This applicator has its own powder reservoir connected to a rubber puffer bulb which when pressed doses the marabou feather head.   The heads are interchangeable but specific light bodied blower powder must be used to avoid clogging.   Suitable powders for use with this brush can be found in our 'Powders' section.
  • Correctly packaged evidence is essential if reliable scientific results are to be obtained. To assist this process CSI has developed a number of products in order that the crime scene examiner can safely submit items to the laboratory without fear of damage or contamination. Do not be confused with other inferior imitations, as our range of products are manufactured from quality materials and are backed up with our quality assurance registration to ISO Standards. This product is no exception,
  • Chosen for its strength and durability this body bag is ideal for the containment and removal of bodies at crime scenes, road accidents etc. Constructed of heavy duty plastic it comprises of a 3 sided twin metal zip for easy access and 6 heavy duty carry handles to aid transportation.   Overall dimensions are: Length 2.15m x Width 1.0m approx.
  • Designed primarily for footwear and tyre track impression comparisons, this scale takes accurate measurements when placed evenly in the same plane in two-dimensional or three-dimensional impressions. Excellent for verifying perspective distortion. Each set contains two scales. An L shaped scale measuring 30cm x 15cm and a straight 15cm scale. Both are printed one side black on white and the other, white on black. Non-glare finish eliminates reflections when photographing.
  • Face Mask

    This range of mask is suitable for Crime Scene Examiner when dealing with the everyday procedures such as dusting for latent prints in a confined space. Ideally suited for powders such as Aluminium. They are supplied flat packed and individually wrapped. Sold singularly.   The FFP2  gives added protection against toxic particles, mists and/or fumes
  • CJA Box

    Correctly packaged evidence is essential if reliable scientific results are to be obtained. To assist this process, CSI has developed a number of products in order that the crime scene examiner can safely submit items to the laboratory without fear of damage or contamination. Do not be confused with other inferior imitations, as our range of products are manufactured from quality materials and are backed up with quality assurance registrations to ISO Standards.   This product is
  • Similar to granular fluorescent powders these magnetic fluorescing powders are applied with a magnetic applicator (see product code 95150 and 95151) and choice between Red and Green (product code 96578) is dependent on the surface to be examined.   Red magnetic fluoresces strongly when viewed under wavelengths of light ranging from 450nm to 570nm.   For use on plastic bags, glass and other smooth surfaces. It may also be used after articles have received superglue tr
  • This kit is specifically designed to cover a number of situations the CSI may find him or herself in. To avoid the powders contaminating the rest of the case this kit is supplied in 2 parts ( Part 1) a small case containing powders and brushes (Part 2) a larger case containing other essential items. The full contents of both cases are as follows:   Aluminium, Black, White, Gold, Jet Black, Bi-Chromatic Magnetic, Magneta Flake Light, and Magneta Flake Dark powders. Fingerprint Bru
  • Recall the exact location of evidence, impressions and the positioning of other items of evidence at a crime scene by including these bold markers in photographs. Measuring approximately 90mm wide and 70mm high, manufactured in rigid yellow plastic they are printed with a matt finish and black lettering on both sides along with a scale.
  • CSI UV Lamp

    A very robust mains powered lamp with two 4 watt lamps, housed in a strong aluminium casing. Applications include general crime scene investigations and the checking of security marks on property as well passports, visas, driving licenses. It can also be used to locate erasures and alterations to documents.   Same product specification as the MK1 (96925) but battery powered allowing more freedom. The internal nickel cadmium rechargeable battery will give approximately 3 hours con
  • A combination of soft squirrel and pony hair.   A popular brush combining the fan square shape bristles with the more conventional 6 inch, 150mm handle like those on our 95103 and 95111 range of brushes.
  • For the safe handling of contaminated evidence or the handling of documents that are being chemically treated. These can be re-used once cleaned with alcohol or autoclaved. Please note: Tweezers may vary from image shown.
  • Well recognised powder that has been used for many years.   Suitable for relatively clean smooth surfaces where a light contrast is required.
  • Fine pointed scissor with both ends sharp.   These are small, all metal disposable scissors. Each pair is individually packaged for sterility. Pack of 5pcs.
  • This kit contains all you need to deal efficiently and effectively with body fluid spills.     Five individually packed single use kits complete with disposable gloves, apron, FFP2 odour valved mask, absorbent pad, wipes, scoop and scraper, instruction leaflet and disposable bag and tie, in a durable waterproof bag.    Kit also includes 1 x 500gsm Emerzorb gelling powder which absorbs many times its own weight, minimises odours, and makes cleaning up easier