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    The rewards offered to those who choose to live outside the law can be great indeed. It has been said that crime is the fastest growth in...

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About Us

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd is a family run business based in the beautiful County of Buckinghamshire, South East England. We are the oldest established company in the United Kingdom specialising in the manufacture and supply of quality materials for the Fingerprint, Scene of Crime and Forensic Investigator.   Staffed by ex-members of the Police and Security Services (British Military) we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of criminal and forensic investigation and therefore fully understand the problems and difficulties encountered by our customers.   It’s for this reason, that for many years, we have continued to invest in new products and services that allow our customers around the world, to detect, apprehend and prose...[+]

Our Products

  • A refreshing, individually packed hand and face towel manufactured from soft, non-woven material, pre-moistened with pH balanced solution to cleanse and condition the skin.   Suitable for both normal and sensitive skins this product can help improve levels of hygiene especially when you have been working at a messy crime scene.   Supplied in small packs containing 25 individually foil wrapped wipes
  • High quality, adhesive plastic tape printed with the words FRAGILE. This tape is for the securing  of evidence in bags or boxes or other mediums thereby alerting other people to the fragility of the contents.   (It is not tamper evident).   Each roll is approximately 66 metres in length.
  • These lamps units are constructed of precision machined high strength aircraft aluminium alloy cases. They sport a high intensity light beam with linear focusing spot to flood beam with a twist of the wrist. A spare Krypton bulb is safely secured in the tail cap. High grade rubber 'O' rings ensure that a Mag-Lite is water and shock resistant. With plated contacts and the finest metals to enhance conductivity, reduce oxidation, these lamps have maximum corrosion resistance and durabili
  • Shrunken and shrivelled fingertips of cadavers can often be restored to normal size by the injection of tissue builder into the tip of the finger with a hypodermic syringe.   25ml Bottle
  • The importance of a good footwear or tyre tread cast can be invaluable.   The 1kg handipack plastic bag technique means there is very little mess and no clean up. The prepared and mixed casting material must not be poured directly over all areas of the impression, but directed to one side only. Depending upon environmental conditions the actual setting times vary from 20 minutes to about 1hour 45 minutes.   The 5kg tub allows you to cast 5 or 6 marks and is a little
  • Magnetic Brush

    For use with magnetic powders, the magnetic applicator is the cleanest form of powder application and causes least possible damage to the fragile fingerprint.    Through our experience we now offer only spring loaded magnetic brushes which allow for examination of both vertical and horizontal surfaces. This also ensures maximum recovery of powder.   Our plastic magnetic fingerprint brush is made of rigid plastic, is spring loaded and has good powder holding capa
  • Superglue Heater

    Superglue vapour, ethyl cyanoacrylate, polymerises on some latent fingerprints to produce a white deposit. This polymerisation is thought to be catalysed by water and possibly some other constituents of latent fingerprints. The effectiveness of the process is very dependent on the processing conditions.   This unit is ideal for the acceleration of the fuming process by heating up the superglue.   Should be used with # 97078, Superglue foil dishes.
  • Photo-Flo 200

    For use with Sticky-Side powder (product code 95340) which in turn is used for developing fingerprints on the adhesive side of most tapes and labels.   Basically PhotoFlo 200 is added to water and sticky-side powder to form a paste.   Current pack size is 16fl oz (473ml)
  • Gentian Violet

    Gentian Violet is a dye which stains the fatty constituents of sebaceous sweat producing an intense purple image.   It is very effective for the development of latent fingerprints on the adhesive surface of adhesive tape and decorative or protective films.   It will also develop fingerprints on some other surfaces, particularly those contaminated with oils and grease. Also effective on small non-porous surfaces such as crockery.   However it can interfer
  • A dual-purpose hinged rigid plastic scale printed black on bright yellow. One side can be used in the L shaped configuration (60x30cm) to measure and photograph shoe and tyre prints. When straightened the reverse side can be used for long or vertical measurements.
  • The CSI Comparator has been designed and manufactured to very high standards to give clear, crisp, magnified images without distortion. It allows for a side-by-side examination of fingerprints or printed material. A large platen allows for sheets up to A4 size to be rapidly inserted without interference and a spring loaded mechanism ensures that the images are always in focus.     Leading features of this model Include: Large Dual Lens Optical Screen, Individual Focus Contro
  • Provil mixing tips supplied in bags containing approximately 10 tips.   These tips ensure the correct mixing ratio of silicone and hardener and directs the putty to the area under examination.   For use with product code 95225
  • Plain Security Bag with a tamper proof seal.    The size of these bags is 240mm x 380mm (approx) and supplied in packs of 100pcs.   If you require larger quantities of this item please call or email our offices for a quotation
  • SPR (Self Mix)

    Small particle reagent is a suspension of fine molybdenum disulphide particles in detergent solution.   It adheres to the fatty constituents of latent fingerprints to form a grey deposit and is a quick and simple process.   The dish application method is a reasonably sensitive process but is very much more effective on fresh fingerprints than older ones.   The spray application (see # 95333) is considerably less effective and should be considered only wh
  • Integrated lens stand magnifier with folding arm, table clamp and illumination. The magnification is 2x. Supplied with approximately 2m of cable. Biconvex lightweight lens 100mm with duplex coating.
  • Powerful individual cleaning cloths for the removal of grease, oil and ground in dirt. Ideal for cleaning fingerprint ink, paints or tar from hands where no water is available.   New and improved plastic packaging ensures that wipes will not dry out once opened.   Approximately 100 wipes per pack.
  • Each booklet contains 25 sheets of numbers backed with removable adhesive.    The Small format scale has numbers 1-15 approximately 50mm high   The larger format has numbers 1-10 at 100mm high
  • Fingerprint classification involves hours of peering through optics and a fingerprint examiner quickly learns the worth of good quality optical systems and the cost of a poor one. The CSI Henry Coding Disc which incorporates a single line centrally along the centre of the optic, is for use with the CSI Classification Magnifier (product code 96200, shown in photo).   Other coding discs are available (contact our sales office for more details) but this is the preferred disc by the
  • This handy compact pocket spot light with high tech optics that ensure that light is concentrated and directed without straying. This means that the image is therefore made more brilliant and light performance visibly better.    Superb little light source for close up seek and search work.    Measures only 5cm x 10cm x 2cm Weight: 150gm   Uses 4 x AA batteries (supplied).
  • Well recognised powder that has been used for many years.   Suitable for relatively clean smooth surfaces where a light contrast is required.